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The buzz on Franklin Park:

NYC, The Official Guide: Franklin Park Beer Garden 

“Franklin Park has served as a neighborhood mecca since it opened.”

Time Out New York: Best of 2013, Best Literary Series

“What’s better than seeing top-notch authors read their work for free? Seeing top-notch authors while you down $4 pints. Writers from the realms of fiction, memoir, poetry and storytelling have all been on this event’s roster, and the list of past appearances reads like a bookworm’s dream dinner party: Jennifer Egan, Colson Whitehead, Mary Gaitskill and Sam Lipsyte have all stepped up to the mike.”

Brooklyn Based: Hey Mr. DJ: Saturday Nights at Franklin Park (October 2013)

“The DJ was truly fantastic, scratching us into one hit after another, and the entire dance floor was ready to receive whatever he deemed was the song of the moment. I wish I could aptly describe how psyched I am about Saturdays at Franklin Park. I don’t know what to say…I just didn’t want to leave.”

Village Voice: Best of NYC Award 2013, Best Reading Series

“To attend a packed reading is a special thing, and it’s usually the case at this bar and beer garden. Jennifer Egan, Colson Whitehead, Mary Gaitskill, Sam Lipsyte, Rick Moody, and Amy Hempel have all filled out this room… In the warmer months, it’s worth the hike over to Crown Heights just to grab a drink from either of the two bars and enjoy it under a canopy of trees in the courtyard after a reading, where a lively salon atmosphere forms.”

Condé Nast Traveler: Classic Beer Gardens to Spice Up Your Summer Vacation (July 2013)

“If you’re visiting New York in the summer, take some time out to sip a few cold ones at any of the city’s great beer gardens.”

L Magazine: Brooklyn Bar Awards, Best Reading Series (March 2011)

“Big names like Rick Moody, Jennifer Egan, and Pulitzer Prize finalist Colson Whitehead mix with up-and-coming local writers at this series held the second Monday of each month. Series curator Penina Roth keeps it diverse, hosting authors from the ‘hood, Haiti, Panama, China, and Nigeria. No cover.”

Time Out New York: Franklin Park profile

“Inside you’ll find a handsome oak bar, but the real scene is outdoors, where picnic tables are packed with grateful locals.”

New York Magazine: Nightlife profile

“Two globed lights mounted above a wrought iron entranceway beckon patrons into the enormous, red-walled courtyard.”

New York Magazine: Brewer’s Dozen: The twelve sunniest—and most selective—beer bars in town (June 2011)

“The centerpiece of Crown Heights’ megapopular ­indoor-­outdoor brewtopia is its 1,300-square-foot garden surrounded by leafy plants.”

New York Magazine: Best No-Cover Dance Party (March 2011)

“It’s not often you see brownstoners, blipsters, and Hasids mixing it up on the floor.”

New York Times: Living In: Crown Heights, Brooklyn (June 2010)

“Franklin Park, a bar and beer garden in Crown Heights, is typical of a diverse neighborhood that these days, in the words of one resident, exudes a ‘great sense of peace.'”

New York Times: An Already Eclectic Mix Gets an Upscale Bar (December 2008)

“The partners saw potential in the crumbling cement and rusted metal of a dilapidated garage off Franklin Avenue, where salons, bodegas and fast food restaurants are yielding to organic markets, cafes and boutiques.”

USA Today profile

“The front courtyard has picnic tables, and you can choose from a wide selection of bottled beers and beers on tap.” (May 2010)

“Franklin Park is THE bar to go to in Crown Heights.  Good beer + a heterogeneous crowd + outdoor seating + a new fancy burger shop = a spankin’ good time.  Located in Crown Heights, Franklin Park is definitely a destination watering hole for any beer or bar lover.”

Food ‘n Festivities: A Hidden Gem

“A neighborhood classic, especially in the summer and spring months when the outdoor seating area is packed with an eclectic crowd of Brooklynites and visitors alike.”

NYC Magazine: Franklin Park profile

“The laid back vibe proves a big hit with the twenty-something trend-seekers …and transforms into a vintage tavern by day.”

Video Feature from Brooklyn Independent Television: